The Distilling Research Grant (DRG) was founded in 2018 by ADI to advance and disseminate knowledge of distilled beverage alcohol to benefit the entire industry. The DRG is a 501c3 non-profit organization that operates independently from ADI, but with its full support and endorsement. The DRG aims to foster innovation, excellence and collaboration among craft distillers and researchers.

The new grants will be funded by an online auction house, filled with donations from the world-class vendors and distillers who partner with ADI.

The advisory board provides independent review and award grants to the most promising proposals from the distilling community. The recipients of the grants will either conduct research on distilled beverage alcohol or host interns at their distilleries. Upon completion of the research or internship, the grantee will publish their findings for the benefit of the entire industry.

This is your opportunity to get some fantastic goods and services provided by our partners and support vital open-source research that will shape the future of the distilling knowledge.

Since 2003, the American Distilling Institute (ADI) has worked hand-in-hand with craft distillers to build an industry driven by innovation, a commitment to excellence and a willingness to bet on the long shot. To continue supporting our goal, the ADI is proud to announce a new initiative that will help to shape the future of distillation knowledge.