Funded Research


2019 Proposal 1, Ancient Stills

Funded $4500
Name: Eric Stroud

2019 Proposal 2, Assessing the Utility of Molecular Rotational Resonance Spectrometry (MRRS) in Distilling Quality Control Operations in Three Distillery Settings

Funded $7000
Name: Robin A. Felder PhD

2019 Proposal 3, How Oxygen Enters and Interacts with Distillate in Whiskey Barrels Aged in Various Locations in Aging Aarehouses

Funded $7000
Name: Conor O’Driscoll


2020 Proposal 1: Measuring the Relative Effectiveness of Methods to Control Ethyl Carbamate in Craft Bourbon Production

Funded $6000

Name: Jon Brown

2020 Assessing the Utility of Fast Fourier Molecular Rotational Resonance Spectrometry (FFMRS) and Triple Quad Mass Spectroscopy (QQQ-MS) in Barrel Aged Spirits Dilution to Avoid Negative Effects of Saponification in Two Distillery Settings

Funded $5400
Name: Robin Felder, Phd

2020 Proposal 3: Corn Varietal Analysis

Funded $1500
Name: Scott Blackwell