Proposal Requirements and Expectations 

An Advisory Committee of Scientists/Distillers will review the proposals and determine the projects and funding amounts.


The Research Grant RFP will contain: 

  1. Applicant personal information (Name, address, phone number, email, school attending or name of distillery employed at)
  2. Title and purported topic research
  3. How this will advance scientific knowledge of distilled beverages
  4. Expected usage of the funds, including: Any additional testing equipment needed
  5. Cost of materials
  6. Cost of testing
  7. Expected completion date 
It is expected that the funds are used for research and testing only. The funds shall not be used on personal expenses such as travel, lodging or food expenses.


Example Proposal:

Click here to view an example proposal.


Research Grant Awardees will be required to: 

  1. Conduct their research within the defined time frame
  2. Submit accounting of money spent to the Advisory Committee
  3. A white paper for the ADI Research Grant website
  4. An 1000-1500 word summary of the white paper for Distiller Magazine as well as other pre-defined media (university, research journals etc.)
  5. Present their research at the ADI Conference (Travel stipend will be provided)
  6. 45 minute breakout session
  7. A posterboard of their research
The ADI Research Grant will hold non exclusive rights for publishing the research. After publishing the white paper, the Distiller Magazine article, and performing the presentation at the ADI Conference the rights to publishing will be released to all forms of publication.


To avoid conflict of interests, Advisory Committee Members will not vote or give any feedback on any projects they are directly or indirectly involved in, such as students that attend their academic institutions they are affiliated with.

  • Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890
  • Clayton Antitrust Act of 1914
  • Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914

Article 101-102 EU.